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Newsletter 1 | 2012

Careers with Apprenticeships –
Dual Education System and Further Training at Groz-Beckert

Skilled workers trained in Germany have an excellent reputation worldwide. This is due in no small part to the so-called "dual education system", which is generally used for initial professional training. The system is called "dual" because job-related know-how and skills are communicated at two different locations: at the company, and also in a vocational training academy. Here, Groz-Beckert offers numerous qualified training courses as well as attractive options for further education.

A diverse range of course options – all available from Groz-Beckert


Practical job training takes place primarily at the company, while theory and general supplementary training are largely provided by vocational training academies. Companies and academies are thus jointly responsible for the first vocational training the young people receive. The apprentices learn for three to four days a week at the company and for one or two days a week at the vocational academy. Around two thirds of school-leavers from all types of educational institutions decide in favor of the dual education system. A selection of around 300 state-recognized training professions is available.

During the training period, which usually lasts from 3 to 3.5 years, the apprentices receive monthly pay that is very often regulated by collective agreements. Most training contracts in Germany are concluded by industrial firms. The training courses are monitored by the relevant chamber of industry and commerce, which also supervises the final examinations.

For decades now Groz-Beckert has been a highly sought-after training company, offering around ten different training professions and currently with 172 young people working toward a professional qualification. With optimal support and supervision, an expert team of trainers, cooperations with schools and universities as well as numerous supporting activities, Groz-Beckert is creating the perfect prerequisites for tomorrow's top performers.

The company is currently offering the following training courses:

Technical training

Commercial training

Part finisher

Industrial clerk



Industrial mechanic

Bachelor of Arts (DH),
in industry



Mechatronics engineer

Bachelor of Science (DH),
in industrial computer science



IT specialist

Bachelor of Arts (DH),
in consulting and controlling


Combined student

Career advancement – tailored further qualification

After the end of their training and several years of professional experience, many junior employees are eager for career advancement. Groz-Beckert provides its employees with targeted support in this regard. In cooperation with the local vocational academies and the Reutlingen chamber of commerce and industry, tailored offers for further qualification are provided, many of which can run parallel to employment - for the benefit of all involved.

Each year, several former Groz-Beckert apprentices can look forward to a successful conclusion of further training and are then ready to embark on a further stage of their professional careers. In the technical sector, qualifications as foreman and certified technician are very popular, while the favorites in the commercial sector are certified MBAs, industry specialists and business managers.

With this largely horizontal approach to the career path, Groz-Beckert very successfully bridges the gap between dual and academically qualified staff. Careers with apprenticeships are always possible - and, in line with demographic developments, they are gaining in importance all the time!

More information on training is available in the Careers section at, as well as on the Apprentices homepage.