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Newsletter 1 | 2010

Customer Portrait: DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS

When it comes to the production of tufted or felted floor coverings, one country stands out: Belgium. Today Groz-Beckert presents an important partner from this application sector: DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS. The company is a part of the DOMO Group, which today numbers more than 1,700 employees and has an annual turnover exceeding 900 million Euro. It all began in 1989, the year in which the Group was founded.

Trends and leading technologies


Foundation of independent group of companies DOMO


Foundation of DOMO Inc. (USA)


Foundation of DOMO Coordination Center
Acquisition of DOMO Caproleuna (Leuna, D): Production of Caprolactam
Foundation of DOMO Neuchem (Leuna, D): Polymerisation and weaving


Integration of DOMO Oudenaarde and DOMO Sint-Niklaas


Acquisition of DOMO Zele (Zele, B - Cabrita Carpets): Carpet tiles and artificial lawns


Sponsorship of cycling DOMO-Farm Frites


Acquisition of DOMO Polypropylene (Rozenburg, NL - Basell)
Acquisition of DOMO Polypropylene Compounds (Sint-Niklaas, B - JBP)


Sponsorship of cycling Lotto-DOMO


Acquisition of DOMO Premnitz (Premnitz, D)
Divestment of DOMO Besmer


DOMO Group structures its activities into two branches: DOMO CHEMICALS and DOMO INDUSTRIES
and founds a third branch: ALINSO (Real Estate)

DOMO® INDUSTRIES is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality carpet yarns and pile fibres, technical textiles for the most diverse applications, modern floor coverings and also artificial lawns, for private households as well as residential buildings.

Now we're back with the Groz-Beckert partner from the textile industry: DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS is a manufacturer of modern floor coverings offering a large amount of floorings for private and residential use: tufting or nonwoven carpeting, carpets and carpet tiles. DOMO® also produces a comprehensive range of artificial turf for the sports and recreation sector.

Here is a closer look at the DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS product portfolio:

  • DOMO Contract Flooring
    Domo Contract Flooring offers a comprehensive range of carpet tiles for use in private homes: the Home Tiles Collection. It corresponds to European tastes with regard to colour and design. The carpet tiles are available from leading wholesalers and DIY stores all over Europe. Further information can be obtained at:
  • DOMO Leisure Grass
    DOMO Leisure Grass develops, produces and sells a large number of artificial turf products for sports and recreation use. This division is active worldwide in over 80 countries and can lay claim to more than 30 million square metres of laid artificial-turf surfaces. DOMO handles the entire quality and production process itself, thus remaining the pioneer in artificial turf products. Further information available at:
  • DOMO Non Woven
    DOMO Non Woven produces an assortment of nonwoven applications for the residential sector. Applications for these products include trade fairs and events, lawn surfaces for terraces and balconies, and carpeting for terraces and balconies.
  • DOMO Residential Tuft
    DOMO Residential Tuft is one of the leading producers of tufted and printed carpeting in Europe. DOMO Residential Tuft manufactures carpets for the residential sector, whereby cooperation with Xentrys Fibers & Yarns guarantees an optimal price-quality ratio for large as well as small budgets alike.

DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS – A powerful partner of Groz-Beckert

You have now learned a great deal about the Groz-Beckert partner DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS. What is the most distinctive feature of its success, however? Surely the Groz-Beckert products used at DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS have something to do with it! As an innovative enterprise, DOMO® FLOOR COVERINGS has very high standards that make intensive cooperation absolutely essential. This involves not only the use of felting and fork needles but also technical service in all of its different facets.


DOMO Gent Industries nv

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