Groz-Beckert KG

Newsletter 2 | 2013

Heald frame drive element DRC 1E –
maintenance-free, reliable, durable

Modern airjet weaving machines have to comply with constantly increasing requirements. This is primarily reflected in faster speeds, which place all the materials involved under great stress. As a connecting element between the heald frame and the driving system, drive elements are subjected to high stresses. This is why Groz-Beckert has developed a solution for long-term operation: the new DRC 1E drive element.

Longer operating times, less maintenance expense

The DRC 1E is available as a link drive system on the lateral support as well as a link drive system on the frame rod. It contains a high-quality bronze hexagonal bushing, guaranteeing reliable and long-term functioning. If it becomes worn, the bronze hexagonal bushing can be replaced more easily than ever before via a screw connection. Complete exchange of the drive elements or even of the entire lateral support is therefore no longer necessary. The unique design of the DRC 1E is remarkable in several respects:

  • Longer service life thanks to high-quality materials
  • Lower maintenance expenses due to simple and rapid exchange of the bronze hexagonal bushing
  • Self-lubricating function of the bronze hexagonal bushing – so relubrication is no longer necessary
  • Simple exchange of hexagonal bushing if wear occurs
  • Lateral support can still be used if the hexagonal bushing is worn on a link drive system

The benefits are numerous. Uncomplicated exchange of small parts lowers maintenance costs for the drive elements, and the long service life is also a convincing argument. While heald-frame drive system elements by other manufacturers need to be maintained or exchanged after four months of operation, the DRC 1E elements last for up to 18 months – and without any maintenance at all!

Groz-Beckert – Solutions with real value added

Durable bronze hexagonal bushing
DRC 1E at lateral support
Maintenance-free up to 18 months thanks to intelligent details

By using the newly-developed DRC 1E systems, weaving machine manufacturers and weaving mills gain real value added. Lower maintenance costs combined with longer maintenance intervals, and the reduced downtimes that result from this, pay off very quickly in the production process. Even with components that seem peripheral, Groz-Beckert insists on uncompromising quality – enabling users to work more productively and more efficiently.

There are many facets to efficient weaving. If you'd like to find out more about the potential of the heald frame drive element DRC 1E, the Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to assist you further.