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Newsletter 2 | 2013

Techtextil 2013 –
Groz-Beckert provides an in-depth look at the automobile

The only way to be truly convinced of something is to see it with your own eyes. Groz-Beckert has taken this to heart at the Techtextil, from June 11 to 13 in Frankfurt. In keeping with the motto "From Motion to Emotion", the company will be presenting more than just machine needles and systems along the textile value chain: an elaborately prepared automobile will be one of the highlights at the company's stand F03 in Hall 3.0. Intensive conversion work on a latest-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class station wagon will provide a cutaway demonstration (the so called "TexCar") of precisely where textiles play a central role inside an automobile. Make sure you don't miss this fascinating exhibit!

In today's automobiles, textiles are indispensable


The automotive industry also profits from the artistic skill of its suppliers. Over the past few years, the textile sector has become a great deal more important for manufacturers of cheap as well as highly exclusive vehicles. Textile applications in today's cars are no longer limited to seat coverings and floor carpeting. Insulation materials, safety features such as seatbelts or airbags, technically essential textiles such as steel fabrics for flexible pipes in exhaust systems or the flexible, tear-proof fabrics used for car tires number among the indispensable components of a modern automobile.

Textiles inside the car – as revealed by Groz-Beckert

Creating the cutaway chassis

At the Techtextil 2013, all the locations inside a vehicle where textiles play a role will be impressively demonstrated by Groz-Beckert at its stand by means of a special exhibit. A latest-generation Mercedes-Benz E Class station wagon has been turned into a cutaway model (the so called 'TexCar'), showing trade-show visitors precisely where all the fabrics, knits, nonwovens and textile joining technologies are used. "From Motion to Emotion" is the motto of this special trade-show highlight: Technical textiles are a common denominator where technical function, esthetic effect and fascinating possibilities are concerned. Today they are just as important in automotive construction as successful exterior design or impressive technical data.

For the realization of this unusual presentation, generously-sized sections of chassis metal were removed at numerous different locations on the vehicle – the aim being to create an unobstructed view of the car's inner workings. To document this transformation from factory-new vehicle to spectacular trade-show exhibit, a film team accompanied all the work. A video on the creation of the 'TexCar' is also due to be screened to the fascinated visitors at the Techtextil 2013.

'TexCar' – just as fascinating on film

Trailer "Making Of" video

In addition to the "Making Of" video, trade-show visitors will also be able to see a further impressive video film summarizing everything that can be seen live at the Groz-Beckert stand during Techtextil 2013. While the visitors are gaining personal insights and impressions directly at the exhibits, the film will provide them with further information. There will be a special focus on the diversity of textiles where vehicle interior design is concerned. Impressive images will also demonstrate the technological importance of technical textiles – their role as components of modern car tires, for instance, as brake disks made from "carbon ceramic" – carbon-fiber-reinforced silicon carbide – or as indispensable materials for insulation and filtration.

See you soon – at the Techtextil 2013!

Groz-Beckert has several spectacular things to offer at the Techtextil 2013: in addition to product innovations and the proven product portfolio, visitors can marvel at the potential of the special textiles being developed and produced by the company's worldwide customers. Don't miss this spectacular and unique demonstration of textile efficiency! You'll find Groz-Beckert at the trade fair in Frankfurt in Hall 3.0 at Stand F03. Naturally, visitors to the Texprocess trade show, which is being held parallel to the Techtextil from June 10 to 13, are also very welcome!