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Newsletter 2 | 2013

Study course "Textile Product Technology – Technical Textiles" –
First graduates already driving the textile industry in 2013

Technical textiles are becoming more important all the time, in numerous sectors. Their importance in the textile industry is growing apace – and expertise is increasingly required to make strategic use of this flourishing part of the textile product world. This is why the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen has offered a special study course since 2009 entitled "Textile Product Technology – Technical Textiles". The course invests its students with special skills regarding technical textiles. Groz-Beckert is sponsoring this new academic course, and this year the first graduates will be embarking on a successful future.

Basics and expertise

Highly tear-resistant belt systems
Heat insulation with stone fibers
Loudspeaker membrane made from woven Kevlar

Technical textiles – the term covers a great deal. The range of potential applications is vast: the most diverse industries, from the automotive and aerospace sectors to medical technology, all make use of technical textiles. Textile materials have long since transcended mere clothing technology.

Since 2009, students at the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen have been entering this world of seemingly unlimited possibilities. As part of the study course "Textile Product Technology – Technical Textiles" (or "TT" for short), they study the production and processing of technical textiles. They are taught about not only the physical and chemical but also the biological properties involved. In combination with know-how about the various joining technologies, the students are also equipped with everything they need to master all kinds of different end-product-related challenges in later professional life. Here the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen provides them with expertise in the sectors of engineering science, textile technology, product development and applied economics. Just as essential: training for key qualifications in, for example, social competence.

Groz-Beckert provides support from the very start

Textile-reinforced concrete bridge in Albstadt-Lautlingen
Robust textile roof constructions

Groz-Beckert promotes these courses intensively. The company played a major role in the development of this still relatively recent study course from the very beginning. For students, Groz-Beckert is far more than just a quiet companion in the background – for example, the TT course participants also receive financial support in the form of special grants and scholarships. During the optional semester abroad at North Carolina State University (NCSU for short) in Raleigh, USA, the students also receive support with finance and organization. During theory or practice semesters abroad as well as during work for their Bachelor theses, students are given the opportunity to do research together with experts from the nonwovens sector. One practical side-effect of this is positive intercultural development – all kinds of different nationalities meet up at the NCSU. The experience gained by the course participants is very important to Groz-Beckert in its capacity as a global group of companies, active in more than 150 countries.

Ready for action after seven semesters

The TT study course enriches the highly competitive employment market in the textile industry with excellently qualified professional specialists. Groz-Beckert greatly values the close cooperation with the university, and offers several practice units for the students in its own Technical Centers at the Technology and Development Center (TEZ).

A further integral component of the seven-semester course is implementation of a so-called industrial project. Here the students are set a task by an industrial enterprise and have to elaborate possible solutions for the problems it entails. One topic that has already been treated, for instance, is the testing of how easy it is to weld different materials – and, derived from that, the creation of a weld-seam catalog. This year, the first graduates from the new study course will be proving their newly-won skills in practice. Their professional prospects in the Technical Textiles sector are many and varied, ranging from research and development to technical distribution.

Thanks to this new academic offering, Groz-Beckert – like many other textile companies – sees itself destined for success. The TT study course at the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen means that the entire textile industry gains far more than just qualified employees: Science and industry have also been successfully interlinked here, and Germany is further strengthening its position in the textile industry worldwide.

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