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Newsletter 1 | 2011

Customer Portrait: Limonta Sport.
Artificial Turf for Champions with the SAN-S

For supreme achievements and world records, athletes need high-performance turf beneath their feet. This is precisely where Limonta Sport comes in. Since 1979, the Northern Italian company has manufactured and distributed artificial turf, and is among the world's leading producers of it. Here the SAN-S tufting needle from Groz-Beckert is making its contribution to the company's competitive edge.

Partner of leading sports federations

Based in Cologno al Serio, near Bergamo, Northern Italy, Limonta Sport can look back over more than one hundred years of tradition in the textile industry. The portfolio comprises a large selection of high-quality customized products for landscaping as well as for outdoor and indoor sports. The sport turf market has changed greatly in recent years, offering new possibilities to those willing to develop innovative products with year-round top performance.

The Limonta Sport product range is perfectly adapted to these new requirements - in everyday as well as top professional sports. The best example here: football turfs, which set new standards in durability, versatility and playability. This is also appreciated by the international football association FIFA. In October 2009 it confirmed Limonta Sport as one of its preferred football turf producers. The criteria that led to this decision were:

  • Production process
  • Quality assurance
  • Product quality
  • Installation know-how
  • Expertise
  • References

Limonta Sport has been impressively successful in every regard. So it's hardly surprising that the company cooperates with numerous other international sports federations as a licensee and member, and there are also many informal cooperation initiatives. 

Limonta Sport has also made the potential of artificial turf as a high-quality floor covering available to other types of sport such as hockey or tennis. Over 1000 pitches and courts all over the world, many of them used for several different sports, provide impressive proof of the company's outstanding reputation and excellent market penetration. Limonta Sport guarantees service on-site by means of mobile laboratory equipment. These enhance the company's own fully-equipped central laboratory where all its research and development projects are implemented.

SAN-S as a new performer


As a leading manufacturer of artificial turf, Limonta Sport places very high requirements on its products and services. With Groz-Beckert, it has the perfect partner at its side: the company supplies high-quality gauge parts, tufting needles and especially the latest generation of SAN-S (Special Application Needles - Sports). There was a special feature on these needles in the last edition of the Online Newsletter. With their unmistakable tip and eye design, these needles are already being very successfully implemented at Limonta Sport. In the tough everyday world of turf production, the SAN-S needles are demonstrating their benefits most impressively. These include:

  • Reduced thread breakage
  • Higher machine speeds (up to 500 rpm)
  • Reduced damage to the basic fabric (double layer primary backing)
  • Outstanding product quality

Limonta Sport is the first reference customer to now who wants to make comprehensive use of the successful Groz-Beckert SAN-S tufting needle. The company has already decided on further tufting machine investments to increase its existing capacities in combination with the Groz-Beckert Tufting gauge parts specification. Anyone who develops products for champions needs the very best players on his team.

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