Groz-Beckert KG

Newsletter 1 | 2011

Tobias Butz wins
award as Germany's best textile production mechanic

Groz-Beckert's numerous employees play a crucial role where the company's high product quality is concerned. Tobias Butz has shown most impressively how high performance can be realised within the bounds of his own personal work environment: at the end of 2010 he received an award as the best textile production mechanic! 

61 Different Futures

In past editions of the Online Newsletter we already reported on the extensive training activities at Groz-Beckert. Now we can safely say that 2010 was another very successful year in the company's long history. At its headquarters in Albstadt, 61 trainees successfully completed their study courses. Many of them received praise and even awards from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Reutlingen. Groz-Beckert is especially proud of Tobias Butz, who completed his training with an award as Germany's best textile production mechanic.

Great Career Opportunities

Tobias Butz

After he left secondary school, Tobias Butz - now aged 23 - started a training course as an industrial mechanic with Groz-Beckert. The new opportunities opened up by the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) opened in 2010 played a decisive part in his decision to undergo additional training, this time as a textile production mechanic. This turned out to be a very good idea. By majoring in "Nonwovens," Tobias Butz completed his training with an excellent result: in his profession he is the best in Germany!

Tobias was thus invited to the 5th national award ceremony in Berlin, which took place on December 13, 2010. At the event - hosted by TV star Barbara Schöneberger - Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, Germany's Minister for Employment and Social Affair, honoured the country's best graduates from all kinds of different professional training courses.

Head of Training Nicolai Wiedmann said proudly: "The fact that Tobias Butz mastered his training course so successfully is due not only to our training centre in which basic skills are taught but also the good cooperation with the State Vocational School of Textile Professions in Münchberg, Bavaria. Thanks to our "Nonwovens" division and to partner companies where Tobias successfully gained experience, he gained an all-round knowledge of his profession - and that led to this fantastic award."

What will Tobias Butz do now? He can relax as far as his future prospects are concerned, because his double qualification means that many doors are open to him at Groz-Beckert. In future he will be working in the Felting Technical Centre of the TEZ, with a special focus on the NeedleMaster, the automatic needling machine for the nonwovens industry. Apart from customer training courses his daily work will also include maintenance work and the commissioning of new plants. Tobias Butz is continuing to work on his career with great enthusiasm, and intends to train very soon as a technician - part-time of course, so that he can keep working with Groz-Beckert as well!