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Weaving accessories for technical weaving –
Products for every application


April 2015

Techtextil and Texprocess,
May 4-7, 2015 

Weaving accessories for technical weaving –
Products for every application

Technical weaving is an important future market for the global weaving industry. The best conditions are being created for it by a partner who is at home in almost all product areas of textile production, and whose global presence gives it "the big picture". At Techtextil, Groz-Beckert's Weaving product division provides practical insights into the potential offered by technical weaving with high-quality accessories – and shows why Groz-Beckert is always the right choice for machine builders and users.


Diversity in the design and application of technical fabrics has increased greatly in recent years. For processing the most diverse warp yarns, Groz-Beckert provides healds and heald frames that are optimally matched to the materials used.

ALtop Hybrid – robust corner connection

At the trade show, Groz-Beckert will be exhibiting heald frames and healds for the most diverse applications. For example, the high-performance heald frame ALtop Hybrid: it features not only high flexural rigidity and ease of use but also low spare parts requirements and a long service life.

Solutions from Groz-Beckert – also for demanding fibers

TWINtec heald

A diverse variety of healds for different special applications will also be exhibited – one such being the TWINtec heald, which can be used for weaving carbon fiber, fiberglass and Aramid tape. It enables the fiber tape to be woven in a constantly flat, spread-out state, without additional friction.


Would you like to learn more about weaving accessories for technical fabrics? The Groz-Beckert experts look forward to your inquiry about what Groz-Beckert can offer you in the weaving sector – at Techtextil and also throughout the year.