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News Oktober 2015


October 2015

ITMA 2015, Milan 
November 12-19

Selection of the right felting needle –
individual consulting leads to good results

For the nonwovens industry, even seemingly small competitive advantages are often decisive. Selecting the right needle for the needling process, for instance, can have a major impact on production results and their profitability. This also applies to the filter industry: Different types of needles from the Groz-Beckert felting needle portfolio are optimally adapted to the characteristics and standards required by customers. At the ITMA 2015, you'll find out which needles are best suited to what purposes. In addition, special needle solutions for automotive applications (structured), geotextiles, filtration and paper-machine felts will be impressively demonstrated for the first time on an acrylic-glass needling machine.

Surface quality or tensile strength?


At the Techtextil and Texprocess 2015, the benefits of the felting needles GEBECON® and EcoStar were already presented. The combination of these two needle types makes sense wherever high surface quality is required.


But the surface is not always the most important aspect. If high tensile strength is required, as in the case of filters, for instance, a needle with a teardrop-shaped working part offers clear advantages: Due to its cross-section, this needle achieves the highest fiber protection, and inflicts minimal damage on the substrate.

Teardrop-shaped working part with HL barbs – high tensile strength

Efficient – for higher production speed

Since high production speeds are key in filter production, the twisted needle is ideal. Its trademark is efficiency. The twisted working part means the barbs are more defined during operation – and the more efficient needling enables higher production speeds.

Twisted – Efficiency for higher production speeds

Groz-Beckert applications consulting – solutions from the experts


Whether teardrop-shaped or twisted needle, these are just two of the many needle types that the Groz-Beckert portfolio provides for the filter industry. At the Groz-Beckert booth at the ITMA 2015, along with the needling machine made from transparent acrylic glass, a needle dispenser will also be available for visitors. This not only gives recommendations but also provides sample needles for customer-specific requirements.


If you'd like more detailed information on the production of filters and felting needles, the Groz-Beckert experts at the ITMA booth will be happy to advise!