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Newsletter 3 | 2010

Where Groz-Beckert is part of High-Class Quality Cloth and Elegant Fashion

The Albini Group, headquartered in Albino (Bergamo), Italy and with various production locations in South of Italy, the Czech Republic and Egypt, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-class quality shirting.

Going through the b2b of the company we find partners known only to insiders, e.g. shirtmakers Barba, Burini and Fray as well as world-famous look producers such as Gucci, Armani, Zegna, Loro Piana, Etro and Brioni, Hugo Boss, Dior, Kenzo, (to name but a few).

The successful history of the family-owned company began in 1876 with its foundation by Zaffiro Borgomanero, who left the company to his nephew Giovanni Albini in 1890. There are numerous important milestones in the long history of Albini Group, but one of its greatest moments was in 1992, when it acquired the two historical English brands "Thomas Mason" and "David & John Anderson". These two high-class shirting brands have been the jewel in the crown of the already-existing "Albiate" brand, covering a range from classic to denim.

The company's strengths and the secret of its success are very similar to the principles that Groz-Beckert lives out on a daily basis:

  • steady increase in quality
  • plants kept updated in order to remain efficient, flexible and fast
  • product innovations, quality, service
  • commercial presence, image and marketing

The Albini Group believes in the importance of continuous investment in technology. In recent years, ten per cent of the Albini turnover has been used to acquire new plants, machinery, hardware and software.

The Albini Group at a glance

Year Event

134 years in the textile business! Albini Group has always been a family business and is today in its fifth generation, represented by Silvio, Fabio, Andrea and Stefano Albini

Acquisition of the finishing plant in Brebbia (Varese)
Opening of a new specialised unit for the production of samples and exclusive design
Albiate 1830 becomes part of the Albini Group
2002-2006 Acquisition of a new weaving plant in Lethorad, Czech Republic
2003 Inauguration of Mottola weaving plant near Taranto, South of Italy
Opening of a new logistic centre in Gandino (Bergamo)
Inauguration of Mediterranean Textile, weaving plant near Alexandria,- Egypt
Opening of Delta Dyeing a new yarn dyeing plant in Burg El Arab - Egypt
2010 Cotonificio Albini starts cultivating in Egypt the best contamination free cotton fibre Giza 45 and Giza 87


Further information:

Human Resources:
1334 employees, split into eight productive sites, five of them in Italy
Group Brands:

Cotonificio Albini "since 1876"
Albiate "since 1830"
Thomas Mason, akquiriert 1992
David & John Anderson, akquiriert 1992

Market position: Positioned in the top segment of the market , Cotonificio Albini has an international presence. The main client typologies include specialist shirtmakers, international designer brands and retailers:
Specialist shirtmakers:

Barba, Emanuele Maffeis, Burini, Fray and many more

International designer brands:
Etro, Armani, Zegna, Gucci, Prada, Loro Piana, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Dior and many more
Retailers: Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Massimo Dutti, J. Crews, Bergdorf & Goodman

The business relationship with Groz-Beckert

Andrea Albini, CEO
For many years now the Albini Group has been a key customer of Groz-Beckert and the former Grob Textile AG. The relationship is based on a mutual appreciation of what both companies value: trust, reliability and a perfect understanding of quality.

Groz-Beckert is proud to have one of the most highly-reputed sources of legendary "alta moda italiana" as one of its long-term customers. And what is important to Ing. Andrea Albini in the relationship with Groz-Beckert?

"Cotonificio Albini has a long partnership with Groz-Beckert. I could easily say that the former Grob Textile AG has always been the only supplier in loom accessories for all our Group. Groz-Beckert has proved to be a reliable and valuable partner for us. Their loom accessories help every day to produce the finest shirting fabric in the world."

Next time you see or you wear a shirt of one of the above-mentioned brands, be aware that it also has "Groz-Beckert" in it!