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December 2016

The textile world at a glance: From a look back at ITMA to Industry 4.0

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 – Groz-Beckert's fascinating transparent insights

The ITMA Asia + CITME 2016, which took place from 21 to 25 October, was a rousing success for Groz-Beckert. The company held technical discussions with over 4,000 guests at its own booth over the five fair days. Transparency was the name of the game at the Groz-Beckert booth – the transparent machines from the areas of Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting, Carding and Sewing were both informative and fascinating. 

ITMA Asia + CITME at new location


With almost 1,700 exhibitors, the ITMA Asia + CITME was held for the first time in the newly constructed National Exhibition and Convention Center. According to organizers, the approximately 170,000 square-meter exhibition space (2015: 150,000 square meters) attracted visitors from 102 countries to Shanghai, China. About 80% of all visitors came from China. 

Traditional values repackaged

Transparent Tufting exhibit
Infopoints in modern cocoon design
Transparent machines provided fascinating insights

Tradition and innovation: Groz-Beckert skillfully combines familiar standards such as product variety, precision and quality with fresh ideas and wows with its fair concept, presented for the first time at the ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy. In addition to the Infopoints with product-specific video clips, the transparent and practically true-to-the-original replicas of the machines from every product area won over guests, even beyond the Groz-Beckert booth. 

Groz-Beckert shows its transparency – from Knitting to Carding

Groz-Beckert provides innovative impetus with new fair concept
Transparent Felting machine

The transparent machines, which contain individually removable elements, turned Groz-Beckert's precise and powerful performance into an experience for guests. Furthermore, the exhibits also emphasized the variety in the Groz-Beckert product range; for instance, in Knitting the transparent large circular knitting machine with its related needles and system parts was able to illustrate a gauge gradient from E10 to E50. In the area of Knitting the litespeed® plus – an upgraded litespeed® needle –  also attracted a lot of attention with its optimized needle geometry. 

Yet Groz-Beckert's presence at the fair left a lasting impression not only thanks to the transparent textile machines. The Weaving division also presented a new product: Along with healds, heald frames, drop wires and warp stop motions for different applications, visitors to the booth were able to take a look at the new jacquard heald in the transparent exhibit of the product range. The fully automatic drawing-in machine WarpMaster and the various  warp-tying machines in the KnotMaster line-up also found rapt interest. 

In the area of Nonwovens, in addition to specific needle solutions for the filter industry, there were also solutions presented for geotextile, filter and papermaker-felt, as well as automotive applications. Using product samples and removable needle modules from the transparent needling machine, guests were given the opportunity to witness the benefits of a combination of GEBECON® and EcoStar® needle and get detailed insights into the needling process.

The touchable tufting system was presented by the product division Tufting – also with a transparent exhibit. The focus was on the new generation of the Gauge Part System, consisting of tufting needle, looper, gripping device, reed finger and tufting knife.            

Transparent Carding exhibit
Fascinating encounters and discussions at the Groz-Beckert booth

At the ITMA Asia + CITME, Carding was exhibiting for the first time at a Groz-Beckert booth. The Carding sector put the processing of abrasive materials, such as matted synthetic fibers, in the spotlight and impressed with its synthetic worker and doffer wires D40-30-52C CBF. But most impressive were the area's two transparent exhibits: the carding machine and the garnett machine boasted good looks and functions. 

Textile manufacturers the world over are faced with the challenge of devising a uniform approach to meet the different requirements of brand owners. With patented quality management INH (Ideal Needle Handling), the Sewing division presented this solution at the ITMA Asia. This new service includes not just process optimization in coordination with customers, but also supplies the required work equipment by Groz-Beckert. With this, Groz-Beckert not only creates a new standard for handling broken and damaged sewing-machine needles, but also for the service portfolio to which customers have access. 

Groz-Beckert presents quality management INH
The fair lounge in the textile world

The traditional get-together of the textile world was the highlight of the  2016 trade fairs for Groz-Beckert. The hustle and bustle at the Groz-Beckert booth and the many talks and interesting encounters with customers and partners topped off the success of the ITMA Asia.

We would like to thank all visitors we had the opportunity to welcome at our booth in Shanghai and look forward to seeing you again.