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The textile world at a glance: From change to networking


March 2018

The textile world at a glance:
From change to networking

World of Weaving - a textile process with countless applications (Part III)

Compared with other types of woven fabric, technical textiles are certainly among the most inconspicuous and yet are essential in our modern world. Airbags, conveyor belts, reinforcement fabrics in tires, as well as carbon and fiberglass fabrics, are just a few examples from this field that surround us every day and go largely unnoticed. Yet they carry out important tasks: For example, the fabric in a tire seals the air pressure inside and maintains its shape. Last, but not least, the final part in this series of topics focuses on technical textiles.

Wire fabrics
Carbon fabrics


The demands on airbag fabrics are constantly increasing. This is not only due to the increased turnover in the automotive industry, but also increased safety standards. While only one or two airbags were installed per vehicle in the past, an increasing number of airbags are now installed all around the passenger compartment. Therefore, highest quality demands are placed on the airbag woven fabrics. The German company, UTT Technische Textilien GmbH & Co., is one of the outstanding manufacturers of airbags meeting these demands. Groz-Beckert provides support with high-quality products in the field of weaving accessories.


Geotextiles refers to flat or three-dimensional textiles that are usually water-permeable. They are used in the fields of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and road construction and are an important tool for geotechnical securing works. Customers all over the world trust in the experience, the service and the know-how of Groz-Beckert as a long-standing partner in the textile world of weaving. Geo Tecno Tessile S.r.l., with headquarters in Italy, is one of the most famous manufacturers of geotextiles.

Carbon and fiberglass fabrics

Carbon and fiberglass are used in any application that requires extremely high strength and stiffness combined with low weight. Carbon and fiberglass fabrics form the basic element for numerous applications before they are processed into an end product. They can be found in many technical areas. Examples include the aviation and aerospace industry, vehicle manufacturing and concrete reinforcement. Manufacturers of carbon fiber fabrics include Jiangsu Yixing Tianniao High-technology Co., Ltd. in China and Saenal Tech Tex Co., Ltd. in South Korea. Other producers of carbon fiber fabrics are Valmiera Glass Group with headquarters in Latvia, China Jushi Co., Ltd. from China and Hankuk Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. in South Korea.

Groz-Beckert offers suitable products to fulfill the highest demands of technical textiles.


The PosiLeno® System has a unique position in the production of leno fabrics. Hail protection, geotextiles and conveyor belts are just a few examples of leno constructions in technical textiles. The system is characterized by unlimited patterning possibilities, maximum flexibility, gentle movements and simple installation. Compared with conventional leno systems, PosiLeno® also facilitates an increase of up to 100% in fabric production output. The outstanding performance of the system impresses customers all over the world.

Upper and lower shed leno heald frames

TWINtec healds

The TWINtec heald is specially designed for processing tapes and fiber bands. It ensures that the slivers are processed in a way that is gentle on the fibers and guided over the entire width of the heald. Their special design also prevents the fibers from becoming trapped in the thread eye area. Groz-Beckert provides the individually suitable thread eye for every application. The ceramic version is particularly suited for abrasive yarns and is available in thread eye widths of approximately 2–9.5 mm. The proven steel version is available for all thread eye widths up to 40 mm.

TWINtec healds in ceramic and steel versions

More information on products and accessories for weaving preparation is available in our Media Center on the Groz-Beckert website.

Did you know this?

In the field of weaving preparation, knotting is an essential process. While a person can knot a maximum of one thread pair in two seconds, the KnotMaster from Groz-Beckert can produce 20 knots in the same time.