The online newsletter – Groz-Beckert presents the WeChat-Account at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018


September 2018

October 15–19, 2018


Before ITMA takes place on European soil in Barcelona next year, ITMA Asia + CITME will be showcasing outstanding performance in the textile industry from 15–19 October 2018 in Shanghai, China. In 2016, over 100,000 visitors from 102 countries followed the invitation. We welcomed over 4,000 customers at the Groz-Beckert booth over the course of this event. We are excited to see how many guests will pay us a visit in 2018 and look forward to presenting the official Groz-Beckert WeChat-Account to all visitors to our booth.

As a newsletter subscriber, you will receive an exclusive insight into the upcoming trade fair appearance already today. You also have the opportunity to register online in advance for a little gift, which we will have waiting for you at our booth.

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The art is in the detail
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to topCorporate

Stay up-to-date – with the Groz-Beckert WeChat Account

Groz-Beckert has been supporting customers and partners along the entire textile value chain since 1852. Traditionally, our products go hand-in-hand with extensive application advice and the know-how of our experts. We have made it our task to maintain this tradition. We are therefore delighted to inform you about our official WeChat Account relating to all aspects of Groz-Beckert and the textile world.

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to topKnitting

The art is in the detail

All needles are the same? Material is just material? Textiles are just textiles? By no means! At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, Groz-Beckert is proving once again that the art is in the detail.

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to topWeaving

Groz-Beckert's diverse product portfolio for the weaving sector

From the fiber to the finished woven fabric – Groz-Beckert products are used everywhere. Cleaning, drawing-in, knotting or weaving: Groz-Beckert, as a systems provider for weaving accessories and preparation, offers a unique variety in its product range. You can find out more about the comprehensive product portfolio at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018.

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to topFelting

Needles, jet strips and services for the nonwovens industry

At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018 in Shanghai the product division Felting will present its contribution to the global nonwovens industry.

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to topTufting

Groz-Beckert system parts for outstanding carpet surfaces and highly complex patterns

Rising demands on the quality of the end products also require tufting tools to deliver maximum performance. Groz-Beckert is meeting these requirements with a unique quality promise. As a systems provider, we offer all components including tufting needles and needle modules, hooks and loopers, reed finger modules, and tufting knives, all from a single source. Discover the broad product portfolio of Groz-Beckert at ITMA Asia in Shanghai– our experts are looking forward to your visit.

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to topCarding

Suitable for any application: Groz-Beckert card clothing for the spinning and nonwovens industries

The carding process is extremely important in both the nonwovens and the spinning industry. Groz-Beckert card clothing help to lay the foundation for the quality of the subsequent end product. Discover the broad product portfolio of Groz-Beckert at ITMA Asia in Shanghai – our Carding experts are looking forward to your visit.

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to topSewing

Proven quality from Groz-Beckert for needles – one of the most important parts of the sewing machine

A sewing machine without a needle is like a car without an engine. Because, without a needle, the sewing machine can not sew. They have an essential task in the sewing process: It penetrates the materials to be joined, guides the thread through and thus joins the item to be sewn together. Stitches are formed between the needle and looper and needle and spooled thread.
At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, you can experience this special joining process live and see how the stitch formation works in detail. Our experts will advise you on the individual advantages available to you with the proven quality of Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles for lasting improvements in your sewing process.

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