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Newsletter 3 | 2012

LPC geometry does the trick –
needle system UY 128 for fine fabrics in the chain stitching sector

Maximum wear comfort with fine fabrics? The use of textured yarns as a needle thread makes it possible! They also enable the creation of soft and elastic seams. This can cause problems in loop formation, however. Damage to materials may occur, depending on fabric quality, finish, sewing speed and the selected needle thickness. Skipped stitches and thread breakage can take place in a wide variety of seams, regardless of their construction.

The needle system UY 128 provides assistance here - by optimizing the finish of finely knitted fabrics!

Skipped stitches are avoided...
... and the risk of thread breakage is minimized.

With the needle system UY 128 you avoid damage to materials, skipped stitches and thread breakage. It always gives you optimal loop formation and an even seam appearance. Full flexibility is included: whether hem, flat, side, arm or double lap seams, the needle system UY 128 is the ideal tool for all finely-knitted fabrics.

High seam variety

Broad range of applications

Women's and men's undergarments
Shirts and blouses
T-shirts, and lots more besides

LPC geometry

UY 128 with conventional geometry and LPC geometry in comparison

Larger needle eye brings value-added

A further advantage of the UY 128 in LPC geometry is its larger needle eye. The effect of this is easy threading combined with more space when using textured yarns. As a result, the sewing process is optimized - from polyester core spun yarn to textured sewing threads. In combination with the correct machine adjustment, LPC chain stitch needles produce well-formed and stable loops, even when high stitch tension is required or when textured yarns are used.

Innovative manufacturing process guarantees precise contours

Groz-Beckert needles with LPC geometry are manufactured by means of advanced forming technology – an innovative production method. The entire blade is formed using a special process. This provides the advantages of a precisely-shaped needle contour combined with perfectly-rounded groove edges. Thanks to this modern manufacturing process, the internal metal structure is compressed. Optimized rounded groove design protects sewing thread as well as fabric, and reduces the risk of thread cutting.

LPC geometry has a lot to offer:

  • Reduced risk of skipped stitches
  • Gentler on material
  • High process stability
  • Less needle deflection
  • Less needle breakage and point damage
  • Gentle treatment of fabric and sewing thread
  • Improved thread handling
  • Improved seam appearance

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