Groz-Beckert KG

Newsletter 4 | 2012

What do operating gowns, UV-protection clothing, and cushions all have in common?
Perfect seams!

The themes of medical technology and hygiene are many-faceted – just like the Groz-Beckert product portfolio, which also comprises over 3,000 sewing-machine needles. Read on to find out about the products created by them...

From absorption bases to electric blankets


Whether in private homes, surgeries, clinics, hospitals or operating rooms, medical technology applications with seams are an indispensable part of life. They protect against environmental influences and accelerate the healing and regeneration process. Textile products also perform numerous hygiene-related tasks, and not only for babies or people in need of care. Here is an overview of the sheer variety involved:

Absorption bases Bulletproof jackets
Ankle fixation straps Cherrystone cushion covers
Anti-decubitus insoles       Cherrystone pillows
Anti-decubitus pillows Cloth diapers
Anti-decubitus underpads        Covers for gymnastics cubes
Anti-embolism stockings Covers for hot water bottles
Baby Bodies* Covers for massage loungers
Back support belts Covers for nursing pillows
Back support cushions Cuffs for blood pressure measuring devices
Bandages Diaper changing table covers
Bathing caps EEG measurement caps
Bathrobes Elastic stockings
Bedding Electric blankets
Bibs for babies Electrosmog protection clothing
Bibs for those in need of care Eye masks

*The "Baby Body" contains special sensors that monitor an infant's breathing, temperature and heartbeat.

From facemasks to nursing pillows

Facemasks Jockstraps
Femoral neck fracture protection underwear Knee rollers for doctors' couches
Fire blankets Laundry collectors
Fire-protection wear Mattress covers
First Aid bags Mattresses
Gymnastics balls Mittens (to stop scratching)
Gymnastics cubes Neck bolsters
Gymnastics mats Neck cushions
Head rollers for doctors' couches Neurodermatitis clothing
Health shoes Nurse's aprons
Heating pads Nurse's pants
Hip support underwear Nursing pillows
Hospital overalls Operating room armrest covers
Hospital shirts Operating room caps
Hot water bottles Operating room gowns
Incontinence mats Operating room leg covers
Incontinence underwear Operating room masks

From operating rooms to wrist straps

Operating room overshoes Side frame pads for hospital beds
Operating room pinafores Splints
Operating room shirts Spreader pants for babies
Operating room table covers Stretch-fit bedsheets
Operating room visitor coats Surgery couch covers
Paramedic bags Tampons
Patient positioner covers Textile belts and strips with sensors
Physicians' bags Textile implants in cardio and ophthalmic surgery
Physicians' cases Textile stents
Physicians' coats Towels
Physicians' pants Urine bags
Radiation protective clothing UV-protective clothing
Repositioning aids for those in need of care Wash bags
Rotating pillows Washcloths
Seat covers Wedge cushions
Seat cushions Wedge cushion covers
Shower caps Wrist fixation straps
Sickness bags Wrist straps

100 possibilities, one partner


It's hard to believe, but every single one of these medical and hygienic articles contains seams that were created using sewing-machine needles by Groz-Beckert. We've mentioned 100 examples here. To ensure that the number will be far higher in the future, Groz-Beckert is engaged in an ongoing and intensive dialog with textile machine builders and textile producers – and we hope that includes you, too! The Technology and Development Center (TEZ) provides the perfect location.

Your contact partners look forward to a discussion with you!