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Newsletter 3 | 2011

Exciting ideas exchanged between experts –
The TEZ as host for Carbon Composite e.V.

The Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) is also a platform for targeted know-how transfer and exchanges of ideas on the most diverse topics and aspects of the textile value-added chain. The firm of Carbon Composite e.V. made use of the TEZ in April and May for two prestigious events. Read more about it here!

Composites, Carbon Composite e.V. and FTA

Carbon composites, also known as Composites, are growing steadily on the world's markets. The technological leaders are still located in Europe and the US. The majority of composite materials consist of a textile reinforcement component. In other words, fabrics, materials, netting or nonwovens. They are embedded in materials such as plastics or ceramics to reinforce them. The German textile machine production industry has contributed greatly over the past decades to sharply improving the quality of reinforcement textiles for composites, as well as the productivity of the methods used.

The Carbon Composite e.V. (CCeV) is an association of over 100 renowned companies and research institutes, primarily from Southern Germany, which have joined forces to promote the use of fiber composite materials and relevant technologies. The goal is to research and further develop materials and processes for high-performance fiber composite structures by forming networks.

The Albstadt Research Association for Textile Technology (FTA), in which fundamental research activities on the subject of technical textiles are due to be carried out in the future, has been a member of the CCeV since autumn 2010. At the invitation of the FTA, the CCeV took advantage of the possibilities offered by the TEZ for two events in the spring of 2011.

The members' meeting for the Ceramic Composites department of the CCeV was held on April 12, 2011 in the Technology and Development Centre. A joint meeting of all the working groups subsequently took place.

On May 12, the "Yarns and Textiles" working group of the CCeV used the TEZ as the venue for its spring session. As part of the event, various different mechanical engineering solutions were presented. Three-dimensional textile reinforcement structures can be produced on their basis, by means of weaving or sewing.

The speeches all provided a vivid insight into different technical approaches. They were delivered by the following expert speakers:

  • Guido Jäger (KSL) "3D Preforming - Technologies, Developments, Applications"
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Büsgen (Shape 3) "Shape Weaving - Creation and Utilisation of Bowl-Shaped 3D Fabrics"
  • Dr. Adnan Wahhoud (Lindauer Dornier) "Open Reed Weave Technology - New Qualifications in the Weaving Process"
  • Adil Mountasir (ITM, TU Dresden) "Design-Technological Developments for 3D-Woven Preforms at the ITM"
In a brief introductory speech Dr. Andreas Tulke, head of the FTA, took advantage of the occasion to inform the employees of the CCeV about the concept and the possibilities offered by the FTA.

Discussions, goals, detailed information


After the members' meeting and the spring session, there were several tours around the Technology and Development Centre. Here, Groz-Beckert had an opportunity to spark off exciting exchanges of ideas and also to present its own approaches to solutions in the Composites sector. There were also discussions as to how the company can support users in the development of textile solutions.

The numerous expert topics were enthusiastically discussed during the breaks as well as at the subsequent "get-together". Interesting contacts were made - and potential joint ventures between individual participants were discussed. It is clear that the Technology and Development Centre will be a suitable and attractive venue for the most diverse specialist events and conferences in the future, too.

For more information on the Technology and Development Centre, a short brochure is available for download.