Groz-Beckert KG

Newsletter 1 | 2010

Online Catalogue Tufting: Interactive support for the tufting industry

With the integration of the brands Eisbär, SNF and Schlemper, Groz-Beckert has consolidated the entire Gauge Parts Tufting product portfolio and brought it into line with technically advanced and standardised criteria. This consolidated product platform is now available to you in all its diversity as a regularly updated Online Catalogue.

The entire industry has thus been supplied with an up-to-date tool for comfortable searching and precise identification of Gauge Parts Tufting.

Online Catalogue Tufting will shortly be available

The Online Catalogue was first presented to the public at the Domotex 2010 in Hanover. Judging from the large amount of appreciation and positive feedback, Groz-Beckert has been able to provide the business with a unique tool. Valuable and stimulating suggestions, also from customers, have flowed into the Catalogue over the past weeks and have contributed to further optimisation of the system.

Fast and easy: An overview of the Online Catalogue

With its Online Catalogue, Groz-Beckert is offering an innovative and constantly updated tool. The interactive system can be used free of charge after successful registration, and its detailed solutions set new standards. To use the Online Catalogue, all you need is an Internet browser. The basic functions are open to all users. After registration, further options are available - including storage of customer-specific information for particular products.

Applications should please be made by fax to the number +49 2865 909 5200. After your application for the Online Catalogue Tufting has been received, Groz-Beckert will send you a user name and personal password.

You can then use the data to gain comfortable access to the Catalogue at .

As the world's leading provider of precision components, systems and services for the most diverse textile production methods, Groz-Beckert is also aiming to secure the technological lead in the Gauge Parts Tufting sector as well. This applies both to product quality as well as to all other services offered to customers worldwide. Groz-Beckert provides a comprehensive product portfolio reflecting the technological state of the art for the production of carpet floor coverings of all kinds. The slogan here is: "New Dimensions in Performance and Productivity". The new medium also provides information on how Groz-Beckert combines premium quality and diversity for tufting.


The benefits: An overview

  • Fast, up-to-date product inquiries
  • Intuitive guidance to required product - step by step
  • Constantly updated product portfolio
  • Tufting basic know-how provided
  • Improved search quality - via precisely defined products and the product variants to match


Extensive basic know-how included

As an additional benefit, the Online Catalogue Tufting integrates sound expertise on everything to do with tufting. Relevant explanations are visualised by means of images, graphics and animations. A high degree of thoroughness is guaranteed by the Tufting Glossary, in which the product terminology of Groz-Beckert, Eisbär and Schlemper is explained. As a result, the entire world of tufting can now speak the same language from now on.